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Welcome to Sabreworks Limited

We are a team of seasoned professionals who specialize in providing Quality Service to Clients with core
competence in Real Estate Brokerages, Sales and Marketing, Brand Communications, Start-up
Management, Building Management and Construction services with General supply management.


We foresee a future in which real estate transactions surpass the ordinary, seamlessly merging innovation with unyielding conformity to industry norms.


Our objective is to transform the real estate experience by seamlessly integrating cutting-edge technology, unrivaled knowledge, and uncompromising ethics.

We are devoted to transforming the real estate market by providing creative solutions that not only meet, but anticipate, our clients’ changing needs.

Our Values


Business must be done with honesty, accountability and fairness


We communicate to clients and colleagues with relevant clarity and sincerity of purpose.


We believe there is dignity in labour.

Positivity & God Factor

A sound mind will achieve the impossible having been cleared of negativity and in tune with a higher source.


The Grosvenors Place

Maldives Gardens Epe

Maldives Gardens Mowe

Return on Investment

Real estate investments offer diversification, mitigating overall risk while providing lucrative opportunities for investors.

Management Team

Segun Phillips

Managing Director /

Omolara Ogbonnaya

Deputy General Manage

Socio-Economic Impact of Sabreworks Limited

The company through adept management, strategy and execution have over the course of 5 years have successfully sold 1000 amount of plots and houses to over 300 clients, a 70% are new home owners under the age of 45.

With more than 500 registered partners both domestically and internationally we have seen a significant amount of sales generated
by the partners and and equally significant amount of commission paid.

All these pointers indicate that the company has stuck to its goals of
Wealth Creation and Solving the housing deficit, the work doesn’t stop there; future projects also seek to enhance the commercial value of life by providing state of the art facilities in commercial hubs to boost business-client interrelations.

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