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Maldives Garden


The Maldives Garden Foresight Estate, Arepo is a private residential estate which offers a perfect blend of comfort & luxury yet affordable to the growing middle class in the Lagos area.


The Maldives Garden is gracefully nested within Foresight Estate, Arepo within VEORA Orange Estate; a serene & organized environment at the boundary of Lagos & Ogun state. Popular estates within the neighbourhood include Journalist Estate 1&2, Citi-View Estate & Punch Estate.


Thinking of building in the now, within an already habitable environment, The Maldives Gardens is Certainly your best choice.

Payment Plans and Prices

Land Size – 500 SQm

Outright Payment – ₦9,990,990.99
12 Months Payment – ₦11,999,990.99

2 Bedroom Building

– Outright Payment – ₦12,990,990.99
12 Months Payment – ₦14,990,990.99

3 Bedroom Building

Outright Payment – ₦14,990,990.99
12 Months Payment – ₦16,990,990.99

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