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The MIJL Residence & Villa offers world-class lifestyle and amenities; prioritize quality and the provision of value spaces, where design meets excellence and details are guided by unflinching precision.

Set within the ready ecosystem of Romney Gardens, opposite NICON Estate Lekki, we’ve created our apartments and homes with painstaking care, impeccable aesthetics and high-end finishing to reflect our vision of: “Doing Real Estate Business Seamlessly”, fulfilling our promise to offer you not just places to live in, but a lifestyle to experience and revel in.

MIJL boasts of well-designed Apartment & terrace duplexes with complimentary amenities that make a bold statement about luxury living.

1 Bedroom Studio Apartment

2 Bedroom Terraces

3 Bedroom Terraces

4 Bedroom Terraces

4 Bedroom Pent House

Facilities and infrastructure include:
Perimeter fence, Children’s playground, central sewage plant, 24 hours water supply and treatment plant, 24-hour surveillance and Security Patrol, good drainage, electricity & underground cables, streetlights, about 1km access road into the estate from the express.

Payment Plans and Prices

1 Bedroom Studio Apartment

Outright Payment – ₦22,500,000.00
Installment Price – ₦25,000,000.00
Initial Deposit – ₦5,000,000.00

2 Bedroom Terraces

Outright Payment – ₦31,500,000.00
24 Months Payment – ₦35,000,000.00
Initial Deposit – ₦5,000,000.00

3 Bedroom Terraces

Outright Payment – ₦38,700,000.00
Installment Payment – ₦43,000,000.00
Initial Deposit – ₦7,000,000.00

4 Bedroom Terraces

Outright Payment – ₦49,500,000.00
Installment Payment – ₦55,000,000.00
Initial Deposit – ₦7,000,000.00

4 Bedroom Pent House

Outright Payment – ₦63,000,000.00
Installment Payment – ₦70,000,000.00
Initial Deposit – ₦7,000,000.00







Frequently Asked Questions

Yes Documentation which includes, survey and deed which is 5% of the property fee and additional 1 million naira for development fee. Where Applicable, prices for Corner piece in Terraces come with an additional 500k charge than units in the middle

Documents for a same shall comprise of:
– Sales and Purchase Agreement issued after 30% deposit for a unit to the vendor
¬ Deed of sublease and Home owners Agreement issued upon full payment of purchase price
¬ Survey
¬ The purchaser is responsible for perfecting title of his units and shall be required to comply with the estate and regulatory to be provided by the Vendor

Units will be Allocated after 70% of payment

Yes, A subscriber who has payed all fees can Resell. However, Approval must be sought and granted by Standout Properties Limited

If for any reason the subscriber does not adhere to the payment timeline, the company have the right to terminate the contract and refund but with a 30% administration fee and a 3 month period in order to allow the company

It is developed and owned by Standout properties limited

Sabre Works Services is one of the authorized sales and marketing company for the sales of MIJL Residence and Villa.

All payments should be made to the company’s account only

  • Sabre Works Services  – 0131906805 – GTBank.
  • Sabreworks Real Estate Investment Limited – 102106045 – UBA.

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