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Property Sales and Marketing Consultancy and startup services Portfolio Management and Investment Property Building and Civil Works Development

Property Sales and Marketing

Using our varied array of marketing tools, we cut across various strata providing our clients with several options that suit them on real estates.

Consultancy and start-up services

We offer advice and consultancy services in the Nigerian real estate clime as we are aware of the need for basic housing needs and opportunities for the creation of high returns on investments both to Nigerians and brethren in Diaspora.
Our start-up services provide all necessary training and implementation tools to all aspiring individuals or corporates who desire to start up their own real estate firms.

Portfolio Management and Investment

We recognise that the right to choose on any matter makes the difference. We offer portfolio management and investment advice to our clients by offering them our expertise based on several years of experience in the real estate clime coupled with our strong financial backgrounds.

Therefore, we offer choices on short, medium and long-term investment opportunities in real estate that guarantee successive yields on investments for busy professionals, traders, HNIs, investors and of course first home owners and Africans in the Diaspora.

Property Building and Civil Works Development

We offer building and civil works services to our clients by providing our team of dedicated builders who are determined to build Architectural edifices that meet industry standards and fit within clients’ budget and delivery period. We also provide civil engineering works to Government Parastatals, Companies, Individuals and all other firms.


Our Robust procurement and supply team in conjunction with our partners provide seamless production and delivery of items and services within specified tenor under uncompromising and highest quality standards ensuring compliance.

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